Monday, 5 March 2012

Our Journey to Israel/Egypt in 2011

Our trip to Israel was a special one with good weather preceding our journey almost everywhere. It was indeed a time to recollect the lifestyle of the Israelites and what Jesus went thru his childhood days until his last painful prayer for the sins of the world at the Garden of Gethsemene! As we walked thru the route Jesus carried and tumbled with the heavy cross, we could almost feel the pain that accompanied, irrespective of the fact the places is now strewn with shops diminishing the reverence.

Photo taken while travelling from Jordan to Israel
Those beautiful mountains starting from Jordan in various colours and shapes through Nazareth, bethlehem, Palestine really got to our heartstrings. Everyone of them were nature's pieces of beauty and had a story to tell; Mount Nebo is from where Moses looked at the Promised Land for the last time, the Mount of Transfiguration, the Mountain where Jesus was tempted by the Satan to jump and finally Mount olives where Jesus is believed to come down for the final call. We were indeed blessed to stay in the hotel on this mount overlooking the Western Wailing Wall (one of the remaining wall's of King Solomon's temple built in 600 BC!) Jews are waiting too along with the christians!

When we passed through the dead sea, we could realise the impact of a curse Sodom/Gomorroh had gone through centuries ago although it is known as a River of Life now; the salted clay in the sea can heal Sorasis and other skin problems. It was a golden moment for me to stand in the the red sea near the suez canal for a few minutes almost approximately around the beautiful place where Israel, Egypt and Jordan met and the great miracle of Israelites crossing over to their promised land from Egypt had occurred centuries ago, chased by the egyptian armies and it was beyond words to see the very man( Paroah Ramesis II) who had commanded the chase in his own old body preserved (mummies with hair and nails intact) took one's breath away. What a technology of preservation the egyptians had learnt! And finally the great pyramid, some stones weighing as much as 3 tons and 3million pieces of them imported through River Nile standing together in an eternal beauty was an amazing view to behold!

Why am i writing this? - It is a testimony of time. If opporunity ever comes your way, dont miss the marvel of this place still holding on to the simplicity of yesteryears. My friend who is not a believer of Jesus was so immensely glad she had accompanied us to this historical town to taste the freshness only to be felt here personally. I must share i fell in love with the mountains first time in my life - they were so artistically majestic!

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